Dennis van de Peut

About me


My name is Dennis. I'm a joyful, creative, social, Dutch guy with a passion in media. I graduated my Bachelor of Arts Study in Media and Entertainment Management in the Netherlands. I started working with design about 10 years ago, when I started out learning Photoshop. Nowadays, I have experience in graphic design, webdesign and development, photography, digital signage, print media, social media, video editing and -animation.


Van De Peut: High Health Pig Breeding

Website, videos, printmedia from my parents' company.

Interview at Orchid Garden Nepal

Orchid Garden Nepal Photography

Pictures shot while doing voluntary work at Orchid Garden Nepal elementary school in Kathmandu.

People’s photography

People I met and friends I gained during my backpacking trip

Animal photography

A couple of animals I've encountered during my backpacking travels

Landscape photography

Landscapes photographed during my backpacking trip

Baja Bowls

Logo design

Jonkers Sportprijzen

Design and photography mixed to a website!

Professional profile picture photography 2017

Title video animations

Created in Adobe After Effects

Low-polygon planet


Double exposure



Creating and managing the episodic videos from my volleyball club

Commercial opening Sani-Dump Groningen

Commecial created during my internship at Prima Reclame

Professional profile pictures

During Beta Business days from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Smoelenboek Veracles 2015/2016

Het smoelenboek van G.S.V.V. Veracles.


Social Media

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